Welcome to Mary’s World, a catch-all multimedia portfolio and lifestyle brand.

Are you curious about how people find an endless stream of energy and money to travel the world? How is social media fame built? How do guys and gals remain beautiful and friendly while encountering the same woes that I do? How do people actually live in vans? I don’t have the answers. I spend most of my time people watching. I’ve also traveled a bit and meditate, so I think I have some authority over finding the answers.

I have a nursing degree, but right now I’m traveling for leisure full time with my husband. I was suppose to find myself this year after I quit my job to travel. Instead I got hit by a truck in Laos and required surgery with months of recovery. Now, I continue to travel and wonder even more about those initial questions. Why does it seem like everyone else has it figured out?

The tabs above highlight my values. Explore “Create” to discover unique handmade cards, short films, and DIY projects. Navigate through “Travel” to hear my tales of adventure, real-world travel and backpacking tips, and reviews of gear and travel applications. “Live” showcases independent research and knowledge of integrative therapies, the final core value of Mary’s World. 

The Blog is a real-time update of my life. Posts will include photography, photo essays, poems, travel blogging, and art.

Thank you for visiting my website. Seriously, I’m just an ordinary gal who knows she should believe she’s extraordinary. Do you?