California Rash

Natural Itch-Reliever and Anti-inflammatory Potion


5 drops Tea Tree Oil (antiseptic)

5 drops of Lavender (anti-inflammatory, anti-itch)



Sluggish, aimless wandering in a large city. Sun beating against bare shoulders, head slumped against a bus window. Busy cars hugging yet repelling one another.

Hours of waiting for curiosity to surface. Finally, you hit the trails.

Common sense should not be abandoned– it’s abandoned when there are mountains in the distance. You’re not scared of what is there, you’re scared of the journey.

A narrow path, brush thick and twisted. There, that’s the way to go.

Hives rashes can be caused by a number of things, most dangerously associated with an allergic reaction. Sometimes a simple desert weed when brushed against the skin can cause a rash. This itchy rash, characterized by inflamed small, red bumps, can last up to a week.

Cold compresses are a simple recommendation for itchy skin. Adding commonly found essential oils to the cold compress instantly adds an aromatherapy component, as well as natural remedies to soothe those annoying rash side effects.


Photo: Topanga State Park overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Los Angeles, CA. April 2017.


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