Destination Wedding

When my first college friend, Marni, announced she would be having a destination wedding in Cabo, Mexico, my face and mind lit up! I was extremely happy for her. I was overjoyed when she then asked me to be bridesmaid. Now there was no way I wouldn’t be going. I never would have said no to her. Here she is:


Isn’t she amazing?

Of course these two would wed on the beach! I expected nothing less from them. Here is Marni and Chris:


I realized that day that the trip to Mexico would be the start of our trip to Southeast Asia. The decision felt right, my gut leapt. Marc and I would later buy a one-way ticket to Mexico and another to Bali.


About a month ago, Marni asked me to make a garland for the wedding. She saw the strands and strands of garland I had made for my own. She appreciated the simple, yet elegant textures of the garlands. She wanted just one to hang above her and Chris as they say their vows.

“I want it to be really colorful! It will be the only color at the wedding!” Marni exclaimed.

I happily obliged and bought the yarn the next day. I decided on one multicolor strand, a beige strand of the same material, and a rose pink silk strand.

I strung them together in a half hour. It cost me $13 total.


Can you see this hung up between two palm trees with the blue ocean stretching beyond? Two young people below expressing their infinite love? Me on the side, stealing glances at Marc in the audience. My smile proclaiming, “It’s happening! It’s here!”

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