Riu Santa Fe

As we were landing I saw what Los Cabos looked like: square, simple houses with flat roofs. Most were painted in solid pastel colors. The highway would split right onto gravel road.

I said four words to the timeshare guys on our way out of the airport. That was close.

After we landed and were on our shuttle to the resort, I saw what vacationing in Los Cabos looked like: massive, stucco hotels and resorts with gated entrances, swimming pools, and private beaches. I never thought I would stay in one myself!



Riu Santa Fe Resort was located east of downtown Cabo San Lucas. We stayed four nights with Marni and Chris’ wedding as the big event on our last night. Days were sun-soaked, half with pool water and the other half with alcohol.



Food was buffet style with every thing you could think of. I don’t have much control when it comes to buffet so I ate three large meals a day. The views were all phenomenal. I’d eat fried cats with a view like this:


I loved the infinity pools overlooking the ocean. I also loved tiki drinks and bonding with strangers.


With eight bars in every corner it was difficult not to grab a drink when passing by one. My favorite were the swim up bars. I was hanging out by one myself when a couple of girls about Natalie’s age were swimming around. We played ‘Add-on’ together and it reminded me of my childhood swimming in the lake. Their parents were nearby drinking and I imagine they were glad the girls had a babysitter.

There were plenty of shaded lounge chairs to relax on. There were also plenty of organized activities, and Marc and I found ourselves participating in pool volleyball and water aerobics. I loved the water aerobics but not the soreness which persisted days after.

Every night there was some gathering with the wedding group: dinners, cocktail hours, and bar hopping.


The wedding day came quick and I really enjoyed getting down to the beach early to help the crew set up. Chris’ mother met some locals on the beach to rent chairs, speakers, and a wedding arch from. They arrived and we put up the garland I made.  We tied soft white cloth on the chairs.


The group arrived and soon enough Marni and Chris were making their entrance on beach horses. The man who owned the horses dressed up for the occasion!


Marni looked like a Bohemian goddess with gold tattoos intricately placed all over her body. The ceremony was beautiful and I cried. Marni’s uncle wrote an incredible ceremony. It was poetic and a truthful depiction of what marriage is.


Afterward the group had dinner at one of the resort restaurants. Marc and I put together morraccas for each guest to shake so the bride and groom would kiss (instead of the annoying glass tinking).


We laughed over how many drinks were in front of us: water, champagne, a pink martini, and white wine.


The wedding night was full of toasts, shots, and dancing. Marc and I got our groove on as we normally do. Wild and energetic we threw our bodies around and I’m pretty sure other people were taking SnapChats of us with captions like, “Wild night out!” And “This is Mexico!” We’re amazing dancers.

There was a great ending to our stay there. Our last night as we were breaking it down in Pacha, the dance club, we decided to take a break outside. We got to talking to a man outside as he told us a heartbreaking story of how his phone got stolen there. Quite boring really. Anyway, as we were listening, a man about 40-years-old came up to us and in a slurred, gibberish mess tried speaking to us. We asked him to repeat that and again just nonsense came out of his mouth. He was so obviously drunk we just had to laugh and told him to go get some water. He was wearing board shorts, a bro tank, and a horrible sun burn.

The next day we left the resort late morning on another shuttle headed back to the airport. We drove away down the long gravel entry to the resort and were about to turn left onto the highway. As we turned we saw the same drunken man sitting with his head slumped down in those same clothes. That is Mexico.


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