Yoga Pt. I

I’ve been rolling out the mat wherever we go. A huge goal for this trip was to enhance my yoga practice with daily practice, mantras, and meditations. I’ve rolled out on balconies in Mexico, terraces in Bali, and gate floors at airports. I keep coming back to Mountain pose. A simple grounding pose to plant me where I am — important for a time when I’m on the move to new locations several times a week.

So far my favorite place I practiced was at our hotel on Nusa Lembongan.


As I worked through my usual sequence, the man who worked there was placing his daily offerings around the grounds. These are called Canang Sari and you see them everywhere in Bali, a symbol of thankfulness. These methodically weaved palm leaves are filled with flowers and maybe bits of food. They will almost always have incense burning when placed.


He placed the Canang Sari near my mat. I felt as if my yoga practice enhanced his prayers in some way as we shared that moment together. The smell of incense was uplifting ~

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