Kuta Cuisine

Kuta, Lombok has been a dream. We’re staying here for a week. At first it was three days, then five, and now a couple more because we love it. We’ve had a motorbike for the week which has given us the freedom to explore our surroundings.

Kuta is a surf town located on the southern coast of Lombok. We arrived here from Padangbai, a harbor town in Bali. We booked our journey here through a tour company named, Pesona Bintang Tour, who gave us the best deal that we could find. It included a ferry ride to Lembar and the shuttle bus to Kuta. The journey took about seven hours total. When we arrived we looked up the “Get In” section of Kuta, Lombok’s wikitravel guide. No joke, the first line read: “The cheapest bus agency is Pesona Bintang Tour and Travel, but they are a scam: have been known to assure travellers that they will safely reach their destination, then leave them on the side of the road in a completely different location.” Our eyes bulged, and we thanked the heavens we arrived in one piece!

Lombok is a very traditional island in Indonesia. We’ve seen mostly farmlands: corn, rice fields, cattle, and other farm animals.


Kuta itself is another relaxed community known for its surfing. Like other areas, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from and trendy bars. We’ve enjoyed trying the cuisines. A few meals stand out in particular.

Warung Jawa I

After an intense three-hour surf lesson, we were so starving and in need of a ton of food. We settled on a local warung with a sign that read: “Lokal Food, Lokal Frice.”


We knew it would be good. The entire menu was in Indonesian with some interesting translations.


I asked one of the women what was good on the menu or what she would recommend. She stared blankly at me and said, “rice.” I laughed in my head. Marc and I settled on the same meal. We ordered grilled chicken with vegetables. The woman said it was local chicken and might be a little tough to chew. No problem for us, we aren’t picky eaters. Our food arrived quickly as it normally does here.


She told us to eat the chicken with our hands. It was a large portion of chicken smothered in a chunky crushed tomato sauce. She showed us to the kitchen sink where we could wash our hands first. I went through their workspace with its dirt floors, dishes hanging everywhere, and vintage refrigerators filled with fresh vegetables. I arrived at their large stone sink. I stuck my hands under the hose faucet and saw a chicken foot and large meat cleaver laying in the sink. At my feet to the left was a stone where they obviously chopped the poor chicken’s head off. Talk about fresh, local chicken. I wish I had a picture of their kitchen..

The meal was amazing, and we ate like savages spraying delicious sauce all over our clothes!


Every night here we’ve seen tables of freshly caught fish lying on ice with huge grills beside them. I knew one night we’d have to try some.


We settled on Sonya’s last night. The whole family was there serving us our dinner. Sonya’s sons helped us choose our fish. They filleted it and Sonya did the grilling. She also talked us into a side of grilled prawn. This was a great decision as the prawn were extra meaty and buttery!



String beans, rice, and specialty sauces were laid in front of us as we waited. The garlic pepper sauce was to die for, and the spicy chili sauce almost killed me.

The fish was grilled quickly and put on our table. I always enjoy when cooked fish still looks like fish. I feel like a hunter in some cave woman sort of way even though I didn’t catch it.


I loved the charred skin and the flakiness of the meat. Paired with the sauces and sides it was a superb meal. As we ate the family continued hanging out and playing cards. There was a baby scooting around on the floor. I love how casual everyone is here. Nobody is trying to impress us or constantly coming to our table to ask if everything is alright. They know it’s good!


Honorable mention: Bucu  Restaurant had delicious, healthy salads and green juices. I chose a “Super Skin” green juice to help combat that fresh sunburn! Ouch!


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