Phuket, Thailand

We longed for the beach again, so we said goodbye to Malaysia! We moved onto the Thai Islands, and scored a cheap flight from Kuala Lumpur to Phuket, Thailand. Phuket is a large tourist destination in Thailand because of its pristine beaches and crystal clear water. Some blogs we read stated we wouldn’t like it because of the tourism or that we’d only last a day before wanting to leave. We quite enjoyed it though! There is a reason for the tourism, Phuket’s beaches were breathtaking! The beaches were sprawling with fine-white sand and no sharp rocks or shells to complicate long walks on the beach. The views were stunning with large limestone islands peaking up through the ocean surface. Phuket was hilly and developed, but overall it was a fine place to spend a couple of days.

We stayed near Kata Beach. We avoided the populated area of Patong known for its night life (still not a priority on our list). Our hostel was a pod hostel, meaning the rooms were large and designed to fit 20 “capsules” containing only a queen-sized bed. We had to be creative with our backpacks and belongings because there was not much room. It was crazy cool though; our room alone could sleep up to 40 people!

During our short time in Phuket, we rented a scooter for a day and ventured to The Big Buddha nestled on what appeared to be the tallest peak in our area. You could see it perched on the top from miles away. The traffic was thick in Phuket due to some construction, so I’m glad Marc had control of the scooter as I sat behind him chewing my fingernails in an anxious fit.

The Big Buddha was developed into a large attraction. There was a huge parking lot and several stalls lined up selling drinks and snacks. I was given a sarong to cover up my legs because we were visiting a temple. A pathway brought us to the bottom of a huge staircase leading up to the base of the statue. It was called “Stairway to Heaven.” The statue was huge and pristinely white. His eyes glowed down upon me as we stood gazing at the statue for a long time. Surrounding the circumference of the base were more statues of famous monks that you could donate money to. There were gold heart-shaped tins you could buy to write a well-message on then hang around the grounds. Beneath the statue was an area of silence to meditate. There were several viewpoints around the temple overlooking Phuket Town and the beaches. Distantly we could see other islands and my heart leaped at the thought of the next couple weeks exploring them.

We spent most of our time relaxing on the beaches, swimming, and reading. We needed a break after several days of hiking in the jungle. The sun was piercingly hot and soaked my sun-screened skin. I nervously watched other people around me napping in the sun as their flesh turned a rosy pink.

The water was glorious for swimming!!! It was clear, turquoise, cool, and sandy. We knew the local resorts had to groom these beaches because they were just too darn perfect.

We caught the sunset both nights.

Our hostel was near a daily seafood market. One night we chose grilled calumet and octupus with a side of spring rolls. Both were very chewy and similar in taste. We were given spicy chili dipping sauces which instantly complimented the classic seafood flavor. My mind got over the awkward sensation of feeling the small suction cups from the octopus on my tongue.

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