Vision Boards

I spent the weekend with my niece Natalie, age 11. The week leading up to our two days together I was thinking of fun activities that didn’t involve watching modern Disney movies or The Great British Baking Show (oh, wait, that was on for several hours.)

What are 11-year-olds capable of? In the past we’ve tried creating a tap dance routine. It didn’t end well. She became frustrated with my lack of training, but I honestly impressed myself with it being the first time I slipped on a pair of tap shoes (thanks Liesl Schultz for the birthday present! I received them a week after tearing my ACL. Cruel irony).

Ok so that was when Natalie was nine. Now she’s 11 going on 16, and I’m doing my best to help her self esteem flourish. Luckily, I’m always trying to help my own self esteem flourish, so I decided to make Vision Boards with her! I’ve seen groups of people make them at weekend yoga retreats which reminded me that it’s not just for kids!

We snagged regular poster board at the store and grabbed free magazines from the library magazine exchange (I promise to hit you back, library). We used my paper punchers and pattern scissors, snipped beaches and mountains, words and letters, and came up with these beautiful, inspiring boards.

High fives for cheap, creative activities!

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