Cardmaking and letter writing are near the top of my passions list. Over the past couple of years I’ve accumulated more and more craft supplies, tools, paper, and washi tape (oh, the washi tape!) At first it was one card here and one card there. A family member’s birthday would call for a handmade card. A letter to my grandma Betty would call for one, too. Then Valentine’s Day would come, and I thought, heck I sure can make more than one card at a time! The Christmas holiday hit, too, and I made over a dozen unique cards for my family.

Now, I make cards in groups, either all exactly the same or matching in some way. I use vintage books I snag from thrift stores. I use old maps. I love the vintage feel to cardmaking because let’s face it, hardly anyone is writing cards and letters anymore.

In this section I have shared some of the cards I’ve made. Cards are a majority of my creative outlet. To me they aren’t just cards. I hand pick the images, colors, and stamps to fit who I am making it for. I think about that person while I make it. I set an intention to send positive vibes to that person. I think people like receiving these, too. It’s no hallmark, it’s Mary’s World! Enjoy!





Enjoy handmade cards serving a handful of purposes!

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Mary blends an eclectic, vintage style with bright colors, diverse materials, and unique sizes.

Cards come in sets of 2, 3, 4, or 6 with envelopes.