Blank Greeting

Blank cards are the most fun to make. Without a theme, the writer or giver is free to send on any occasion! A completely empty interior suggests to the writer, “fill me up!”

My favorite materials to use in cardmaking are vintage books and textbooks. I love the throwback look and I feel good for upcycling. I also think using old books gives the cards a signature style, rather than always using the 12×12 paper pads found in all craft stores.

This is a set of nine blank greeting cards. I spent a couple hours cutting predominantly 4×6 inch pieces of paper featuring the most interesting images. This was part of my effort to cut uniform card sizes in order to maximize cardmaking efficiency.

This set was grouped into three like photographs.


Each set has matching bindings and interiors.



These are slightly larger 5×7 inch blank greeting cards. I used this unique star geometric paper puncher featuring nature (my specialty). I partnered the image with matching card stock.



I tried a new look by laminating! I thought using a sharpie marker inside to write the note would be something different.



Again, I used an old book for the images. I think it was a book titled, “The Beatiful Pacific Northwest.” I loved the black and white images of the National Parks. Nature photos will always be timeless.

Again, trying the lamination method! These are more like postcards with a simple lined notebook backside. You would need a finer tip sharpie marker for these. This set features some hilarious quotes from famous people about hating others. I’m not one to promote that, of course, but I am an introvert after all. So, yes, some of these resonate with me.


The quotes were cut out from a journal titled, “Why I Hate People Today.”


This set of six are 5×7 inch cards, again lined with simple notebook paper. There is a lot of space to write in here! These images are from a book titled, “Stoner Coffee Table Book.” I think I may have bought the book for a gift, but I ended up keeping it. Wouldn’t you with pictures like these?


Saving these for someone with a special sense of humor. Although I may be behind on the trippy animal fad. At least they’re not space cat t-shirts.


This set of four I named, “Spacey Hello.” How many times a day do we go through the motions of saying “hello” to everyone you meet?


Each card features a unique nebula.


Inside is blank cream cardstock.