National Parks Map

Materials: paint, stencils, foam brush, alphabet stamp, stamp pad, wood glue


I made this for Marc for his birthday. I saw something similar on (about 5x as expensive as this was to make myself). I purchased the thin plywood from Home Depot which they then cut to size for me. The top and bottom borders were old floorboards I found in my basement. The notch in the floorboards fit the plywood perfectly. I added a bit of wood glue to secure it. The map, which was about to be thrown out, I cut with an exacto-knife. The trees were punched out from color samples. The rest: paint, stencils, and a solid amount of time spent stamping the park names letter by letter. I would later hone my stamping skills by stamping more than one letter at a time (DUH!).


There are two tree colors. White means we have yet to explore the park. Dark brown means we’ve been there. There are still an outrageous amount of white trees on this map, but we’ve got time.


I am not claiming to be a sewer at all. What I do want to talk about is how easy it is to spruce up a room with a simple throw pillow. I picked up some discount fabric at SR Harris Fabric Outlet outside of Minneapolis. I wouldn’t say I’m a regular there, but I’ve been there enough for the elderly man working the cash register, Syd, to recognize me and compliment me in an endearing old man sort of way. He also gives me an extra discount because I buy in bulk. My wedding design incorporated several different fabrics and textures , so needless to say I was a loyal returning customer to the fabric outlet. 

I bought large feather pillows from the fabric outlet and created these two pillows in no time at all. It helps that I am a fiercely imperfect sewer, spending little to no time pinning, actually measuring, or ensuring a clean, straight sew line. I liked how they turned out, and I especially like how such an addition can create a new look for an interior.